Handmade Things Like Bits and Spurs, Custom Saddles Leathercraft

Article and Video by Bruce Cheaney

You can pretty much make what ever you put your mind to. If you have a strong enough will and patience and are willing to put the time into studying and research and have the right hand tools you can make some beautiful handmade items, I call then Handmade Things.

This video shows you some handmade items that I have made like custom made saddles, handmade bushcraft knives and even handmade buckle sets plus much more. Each time I make something by hand I analyze the piece and see how I can improve on the next handmade piece I make.

I like working with leather and tooling and carving it as well as shaping and forming it. Leathercraft is a way of life for me and that is where I started out. Then as time went by I got interested in metal working like making Bits and Spurs, knives and silversmithing.

You can pretty much pick out a niche and get going with it and do very well and when it is time to learn something new go for it.

Saddles, Bits and Spurs, Knives and Axes handmade by Bruce Cheaney Gainesville Texas. Custom made saddles handmade start to finish all hand cut and fitted using the best materials available. Each custom saddle is made one at a time by myself, custom orders only made to the customers specifications.

To keep things exciting I do metal work like horse bits and cowboy spurs as well as a few knives and bushcraft axes.

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