Handcrafted Spurs

Handmade Spurs

There is a torch call a Prest-o-lite that a lot of silversmiths use that also works real well for silversmithing and they can be purchased at Indian Jewelers Supply Co.

Another torch worth mentioning is a Henrob 2000 this torch has a very concentrated flame that only heats the immediate area you are welding or soldering.

First of all Thank You for checking out Handcrafted Spurs website, this site is not only dedicated to handmade spurs but I will also showcase other items I have handmade such as Horse Bits, Custom Saddles, Custom Belt Buckle Sets, and Handmade Conchos and Handmade Knives.

Handcrafted Spurs that I make start off as a pencil drawing on a piece of paper or heavy card stock I like to have a good mental picture of the handmade spurs I am going to make before I start to cut or shape any metal.  Drawing the spurs out on a piece of paper also allows me to lay out the design of the silver and name or initials of  the person I am making the custom spurs for.

The Handcrafted Custom Spurs pictured  feature a 1″ band width and a 2 3/8″ shank length and are a cutting horse spur that can be used for western riding and horse training.

My Handcrafted Spurs are completely handmade start to finish using the best materials and supplies and it generally takes several days to make a pair of custom spurs like these.  As far as delivery time on getting a pair of custom spurs, that varies due to the fluctuating backlog I have but is usually a three to six month waiting period.

Handcrafted Spurs

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