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Article and Video by Bruce Cheaney

Handmade Things II by Bruce Cheaney Saddles Bits Spurs and Leathercraft Items.

This is a sampling of things I make from custom made saddles to handmade bits and spurs and all kinds of leathercraft items and projects.

A very “Special Thank You To Roy Fulton” for the Guitar backing track. I love that guitar playing of Roy’s.

Index of; Handmade Things II by Bruce Cheaney Saddles Bits Spurs and Leathercraft Items

0:24 Handmade Cowboy Spurs by Bruce Cheaney

0:27 Little Lannies Ranch Cutting Horse Saddle

Horse Bit

Horse Bit

0:39 Handmade Horse Bits for Roping and Cutting Horses

0:42 Leather Handmade Guitar Strap by Bruce

0:47 A Custom Made Saddle for Kim B. for Team Roping

0:49 Custom Made Guitar Strap for Chad Henderson

0:55 Custom Spurs – Handmade by Bruce Cheaney

0:57 Sage’s Custom Made Wade Saddle

1:01 A gun rack made for Craig using antique parts like old wooden Hames and solid bronze Anchor Brand spurs

1:05 Leather guitar strap

1:07 Leather Tools that I use for making things by hand

1:09 Buckstitched western belt

1:11 Handmade steel concho with nickle and copper hand cut acorn

1:13 Handtooled Belt

1:15 A group of handmade western belts stamped and tooled by Bruce Cheaney

1:17 Handmade folding pocket knives made by Bruce Cheaney and Chris Uselton

1:19 Reining horse saddle

1:21 Bryan’s custom made roping saddle

1:29 One of my handmade mechanical hackamore bits

1:32 Antique finish leather guitar strap made by Bruce Cheaney

1:35 Matlock Rose Mechanical Hackamore Bit with Mouthpiece made by Bruce Cheaney

1:39 Horse bits in the making

1:41 Bushcraft Knife

1:45 Roping saddle made for Greg

handcrafted spurs

handcrafted spurs

1:51 The Rebar spurs project custom made spurs from a piece of steel that came from a demolished buiding in Dallas Texas

1:54 Handmade spur rowels

1:56 Shanks welded onto the heel bands

1:59 Another look at Kim’s custom made roping saddle

2:01 Knife sheaths in the making

2:03 Will James Ranch Saddle for Lynann

2:09 Floural tooling

2:13 Handmade steel and silver saddle concho

2:19 Handmade mouth pieces made to fit a Matlock Rose Mechanical Hackamore Bit

2:25 Bruce Cheaney’s Makers Mark

2:31 Longhorn skull steel and silver handmade conchos for Karen’s cutting horse saddle

2:33 Karen’s roughout cutting horse saddle

2:35 Handtooled western belt made for “DOC” Evans

2:39 Handmade pocket knife sheath

3:43 Saddle parts to Sage’s Wade Saddle

Handmade Spurs

Handmade Spurs

2:51 Handmade Spurs

2:55 Handmade spurs start to finish by Bruce

2:59 Handmade Wade Saddle by Bruce Cheaney Custom Saddles

3:05 This is what the Rebar spurs look like after they were finished

spur strap buckles

Spur Strap Buckles

3:09 Handmade buckles and spur straps

3:11 Makers Mark

3:19 Roping Saddle Custom Made

3:21 Dina Special Roping Saddle Made by Bruce Cheaney Gainesville, Texas.

3:26 A picture of the saddle shop

3:27 Rust colored padded seat machine stitched seat pattern called a quilted seat

3:31 Trevor’s custom made roping saddle full tooled and carved by Bruce Cheaney

3:34 Outside the saddle shop in Gainesville Texas

3:35 Roping Spurs Handmade for Josh Little

3:41 Thanks to Roy Fulton for the Guitar Playing Backing Track

Handcrafted Spurs

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